Bob Dylan’s defining moments – Part 1

Bob Dylan, the greatest, most influential person in music, is turning 78 this year but still looks and performs like a young Bob Dylan who – like no one else – cared about the world. In the early days of his career, he acted as a fresh singer who protested about politics and social life through songs. His words made people pay attention to the true aspects of life. He is an open-minded and honest person to the public, he never was scared to talk about his personal life and share intimate details about his aging, all within folk music. Let’s look back and talk about Bob Dylan’s defining aspects.

Making a name for himself at the talent show

The artist was born in Duluth, Minnesota and while growing up he had various instruments to choose from to play with. He listened to radio stations from other states and they were usually playing country music, and that got his attention. Bob Dylan started playing the piano when he was eleven but that did not last long due to the fondness for an acoustic guitar. His idols at that time were Elvis Presley and Little Richard. He was a true fanboy, putting posters on his wall and imagining what it is like to be them. Although, he did want to create a name for himself. In 1957, he performed at his high school’s talent show. This is where it all began.

Arriving at the Big Apple

Being only twenty years old and just starting to make a living, Bob Dylan went to New York after an exhausting trip across the country. New York seemed to him like a city of opportunities and he was not wrong. After a few days in the city, he met Woody Guthrie who was a significant American folk music artist and songwriter, and Dylan saw him as a spirit of music. It was a sad period when Guthrie was fighting a disease which killed him in the coming years. However, Dylan friended Guthrie and they made a professional and friendship bond. Bob Dylan later wrote a song “Song to Woody” and it was his debut as an artist. He recorded it in just 2 days and received attention from people, but it was not what Dylan expected. The disc sold about five thousand copies after its release and it did not satisfy the label, as it turned out – they wanted Dylan out.

Dylan as a protest singer

In 1962, the world had a problematic situation involving missile attacks. There was a conflict between the USA and the Soviet Union about the missile deployment in Cuba. The whole confrontation was called “October Crisis”. Seeing the situation emerge, Dylan started to write songs and poems about the terroristic acts. He wrote poem after poem to state his opinion on how the world is taking life for granted. Dylan had gathered many similarly thinking minds to protest the terror and to ask for change. He then established himself as a protest singer and released his 2nd album “The Freewheelin’”.