Folk festivals in the United Kingdom

Over the last years, folk music has been active and been restoring its popularity. After Bob Dylan’s songs where he used them to send messages about the world being a better place, the folk music’s case has been stuck in the early past and no one saw new folk artists and the revolution they started. While only a few true folk music followers nowadays know that the genre has been interpreted in many famous songs, many more songwriters become acknowledge because of folk. The artists trying to keep folk as traditional as possible and are presenting to audiences in festivals around the United Kingdom. If you prefer modern folk or just good old folk, there are many options to choose from during the summer.

Hebridean Celtic Festival

The festival is taking place in a delightful location in the Isle of Lewis. Every year Hebridean Celtic Festival offers an interesting line-up of artists and makes spectacular performances representing folk music. Folk artists such as Julie Fowlis, The Saw Doctors and Seth Lakeman performed at the festival and attracted numbers of people to it. Additionally, during the festival, you can enjoy folk art and handicrafts. You can even see some resemblance from historical times. Some food or crafts stands might look like brought from Renaissance! Most of the appearances happen in the evening but this means you have a lot of time to discover unseen places on the island. 

The Big Tent Festival

Another festival in Scotland called The Big Tent lasts over 2 days in July. This festival was supposed to be just an answer to the G8 summit in 2005, yet it stuck, and it is happening every year since then. All folk music fans who enjoy and are passionate about the genre gather at The Big Tent festival. The famous stars of folk who performed at the festival were The Fence Collective and King Creosote. The festival has a theme and it is about saving the planet by turning green and focusing on environmental problems. There are many tents in the festival territory, and you can discuss climate change, also, have debates about using and producing biodiverse goods. 

Fairport’s Cropredy Convention

The history behind the festival started in the early 1970s in Oxfordshire county. From that day, the festival changed a lot and became very popular, attracting over 15,000 folk enthusiasts. Also, back in the day, the festival lasted only 1 day but now it turned into a 3-day gathering. The annual festival featured such folk artists as The Levellers and Supergrass. In addition, on the third day of the festival, there is always a magical show at the end to finish the great Fairport Convention. The difference between other festivals, you can park the car alongside your tent and use and take alcohol by your own choice without limiting. You can also go dancing like Morris-dancing style and enjoy the company of others while having a pint in the pubs at the nearest village or try out the ethnic foods the festival offers.