History of the Knitted Character Folk Festival

The knitted character folk festival is an annual festival that combines both live folk music and knitting. The festival takes place in Warwickshire and visitors get to enjoy food and drink along with the music, and of course, the knitted characters. What is unique about this festival is that visitors are urged to bring along home-made knitted characters of their favourite folk artists and to leave them on a completely knitted display of a stage.

The Founder of This Unique Festival

Gerry Colvin is the mastermind behind the annual, one-of-a-kind festival, and has been active in the folk music scene for over forty years since joining the band, The Man Upstairs, whose notable claim to fame would be they toured with The Smiths. After spending a few years with this band Colvin went on to form his own band – which he fronted – called Terry and Gerry. He had great success with this band going on multiple tours around the world and appearing on television and radio, with five singles and an album all reaching number one in the indie charts (charts for independent songs and artists).

Colvin then went on to work in Nashville, USA as a songwriter and collaborated with multiple artists by co-writing on their albums. In the nineties Colvin formed a folk-pop band called The Atlantics and subsequently a folk band comprised of five members called Colvinquarmby, releasing six albums with the latter. Colvin’s latest exploits have seen him reforming Terry and Gerry and touring with the famous Status Quo, ending with a performance at the Albert Hall. His varied music career has also seen him scoring films and tv themes, writing musicals, writing and presenting for BBC Radio 2 and even working as a comedy double act with The Office Star, Mackenzie Crook.

The Blue Boar Inn

The venue for this festival has always been at the Blue Boar Inn, a sixteenth century pub, hotel and restaurant that is very popular all year round for its character and history. The Inn has been an ale house since it first opened in the late 1500’s, and still retains some of the original documentation and memorabilia which flank the original flagstone creating a very traditional and charming atmosphere. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the festival has remained so popular for many years, visitors get to enjoy the surroundings and history whilst they enjoy the folk festival.

The Blue Boar Inn is situated in the ancient Roman town of Alcester, which was originally founded as a walled fort and was situated on a roman road that ran from Hadrian’s Wall down to the southwest of England. The town still boats many historical buildings, including two stately homes and an Anglo-Saxon church amongst others and due to its Roman origins, finds itself situated on the Heart of England Way 100-mile walking route. The knitted character folk festival is perhaps so successful due to the fame of its founder amongst the folk festival scene, and the beautiful and historical town and Inn that hosts this annual festival.