Popular folk music albums

When you are having a conversation and someone has brought up the topic of folk, at first you might associate it with sad and tragic stories, acoustic guitars and other different instruments that might not be in today’s modern music; but it is not always about that, there is more to the idea of folk.

This genre of music is popular around the world, it has its own festivals and conventions. Even if folk is changing and becoming more integrated with the modern music industry, it still remains truthful to its roots and history. And this article will point out the greatest folk music albums released throughout the years.

“The Times They Are A-Changin’” by Bob Dylan, 1964

Bob Dylan was known for putting his beliefs into his music. He only wished for a world to be a better place to live and addressed the lively situations, hoping something will change. The album reflected the main issue at that time – the thoughts of the youth in America. The songs in the album were released to show that there are issues around us, even if we do not see them with a naked eye.

“Bert Jansch” by Bert Jansch, 1965

The music artist known for his ability to play folk tunes with his guitar. The man from Scotland presented his debut album and it was everything people were expecting – simple but pure songs about his feelings and thoughts. At that time, songwriters were creating songs that originally came from their own stories, and Bert Jansch was not an exception. His top song was about his friend who had an addiction to heroin and later was discovered overdosed. A few songs contain folk’s finger-picking style and they are absolute masterpieces.

“Songs of Leonard Cohen” by Leonard Cohen, 1967

 The name of the album is simple and clear, as the poet named it after himself. The start of his music career is reflected in the release of the album in 1967. It is filled with stories about unsuccessful love and bizarre affairs. He wanted to represent his true reality to the audience by releasing romantic and moody folk music album.

“Liege and Leif” by Fairport Convention, 1969

The album was released in 1969 and it is held as the one that boosted the folk rock to the bigger audiences. It is a work of art that maintains an electric mood throughout each song and combines the rock with traditional music to create a unique experience for the audience. It is greatly significant.

“Liege and Leif” by Fairport Convention, 1969
“Liege and Leif” by Fairport Convention, 1969

“For Emma, Forever Ago” by Bon Iver, 2007

Bon Iver, as well known as Justin Vernon, created an album while being sad after a hard break-up. Using this sadness, he made history with the album and he now think it was totally worth it to go through the pain as his creation climbed to the tops of folk music. The tunes in the album are sad and maintain a melancholic mood.