Popular songs of indie folk – Part 1

Indie music unexpectedly became popular and slowly presented itself to the larger audiences in the music industry.

The movement of indie rock was first recognized in the 1980s. At that time, folk music began to cooperate with indie music by presenting them with labels and famous music artists for support. When all the characteristics mixed, such as emotional vibe, nostalgic and amazing vocal aspects, folk and indie joined together and made an outstanding combination, offering people a variety of genres they have been waiting for. Over the years, indie folk became popular and its tunes started reaching millions of listeners. Here are some of the famous indie folk music songs.

“Ho Hey” by The Lumineers

If we are talking about how folk’s adaption to other music made a positive difference, the folk-rock must come to mind, and no other band stands out more than The Lumineers. They are an inspiring group of artists who perform at live concerts with such passion and joy. They hold Bob Dylan, one of the greats of folk music, their role model, maybe that is why their shows are so energizing. “Ho Hey” is one of the songs of their debut album. At first, it was just a song released and played by request on radios but then it blew off and became an international hit.

“Far Away” by Jose Gonzales

Nowadays, in video games, music and soundtracks play one of the most important roles. The technology and the innovations in creating video games let the directors import famous tunes into cinematic scenes and make the game more realistic and attractive. The games have advanced to a whole new level. It is not just about shooting a gun or pressing a couple of buttons to race, it is more than that now. One of the best-selling games “Red Dead Redemption” features a lot of indie and folk type of music, and “Far Away” is included in the game as well. The song completely adapts to the game’s environment and is very important to the whole storyline while making it an unforgettable experience. 

“I Will Wait” by Mumford & Sons

The group of singers and the newcomers to the folk music industry released their single “I Will Wait” and it made them known internationally. They are considered to be folk-pop genre innovators. The single includes instruments such as drums, banjo and fiddle. The song is one of their most popular and is played on the internet and radio stations constantly throughout the entire world. It showed the world how British folk music can reach the top of the charts and be relevant years later.

“Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men

The band became very popular in no time with the support of other folk music artists, Mumford & Sons. Their debut single, which they released in 2011, got an astonishing number of views and recognition. The song’s lyrics and tune made it very catchy, thus people were listening to it on repeat when it was released to the public.