Popular songs of indie folk – Part 2

Continuing our coverage on the top indie folk songs, there are many other great songs that we did not talk about in the first part of the article. Most of them in this list are inspired by the greatest Bob Dylan. Let’s take a look at the top indie folk tunes released and, at some point, they were all on the top music charts.

“The Cave” by Mumford & Sons

The band was already making a name for themselves in the music industry and after their debut album, the song “The Cave” became very popular amongst the folk listeners. The song is told almost like a story, but it reflected how some parts of the world are just an illusion to everyone. It might not be as catchy as other folk songs, but it definitely kept the band’s image and represented the folk genre of music.

“Generator ^ First Floor” by Freelance Whales

The internet meeting sites are not only for people who are looking for a date but unexpectedly, for those who are sharing on the same hobby and passion. The band Freelance Whales met in 2008 through a website and that friendship turned to be a band years later. At first, their debut album with the song “Generator ^ First Floor” became popular around New York City as it was played in the subway stations. Hearing their talent, people began to like and listen more of the newly created band. The song itself had a lot of success as it was used for advertisements and soundtracks around the world. That gave them a boost in their career, and they got recognized worldwide.

“Let Her Go” by Passenger

The music artist who comes from Brighton in the United Kingdom reached an amazing audience and fame with the song “Let Her Go”. It was released in 2012 with the 4th album of his music career. It blew up with millions of copies sold in the UK and all around the United States of America. The sadness of the break-up and losing his other half is the song’s mood and it stays through the whole track. Also, he mentions how it made him realize how he took the love he received for granted. The melancholic track won the British award for Most Performed Work in 2014.  

“1234” by Feist

The song released in 2007 was named one of the best that year. It is the only Feist’s song that came up top to the Billboard charts and it is still her biggest single in the USA. The tune was used for an advertisement by Apple and it for sure made the world acknowledge her best single. Her song ratings were constantly rising as the download ratings were nearly two thousand per week. It went through many development stages because of the personal problems at the time it was being produced. The lyrics and song’s mood were changed multiple times until it reached the final release form – energetic and lively.