The famous folk artists

Folk is one of the oldest and abiding music types in the world and its history speaks for itself. There are many categories you can split folk music to, it is immense and very appealing to the music domain. Folk music became humble and well-mannered by others due to the adaption to many changes over the years. The songs can be defined as a folk type; however, they can adjust to any type and include various different musical instruments. The tunes were not always the noisy and heavy type, but the artists managed to spread the messages in their songs and their voices were heard. Here are a few folk artists that influenced the music world and are famous to this day.

Bob Dylan

He is the greatest and most famous folk music artist who had some influence on America’s social tension in the past. His bravery and kindness brought to him the ability to tell others his story through songwriting. While having the passion to express how the issues of the world address our reality, he truly inspired many individuals and by that, made a name for himself. His works consist of unstoppable social problems such as racism, discrimination and assault. Even though he tried to focus on the Western world and its history, he hoped to fight all the wrongs with a free right of speech. Since his career in music started, he won an incredible number of awards, including as much as eleven Grammy awards and Presidential Medal of Freedom award (for people who made a praiseworthy contribution to the interests of the United States). Bob Dylan gave folk music what it needed – power and appreciation, to show how folk genre could really be. The artist to this day is writing music and performing as one of the music’s best virtuoso. 

Tracy Chapman

Another great artist who transformed folk music into a more valuable genre in the music’s industry. As soon as Tracy Chapman entered the scene, she attracted a lot of people to watch her and follow her journey as an artist, however, she received criticism for her music, but it helped her to grow into a better influencer and artist. Her first album debuted in 1988 and with it, she was held as the new voice for folk music’s generation. Even in texts and lyrics, she carried out ideas that would easily turn into images in everyone’s mind. She held a unique voice and did not stop with the albums, she had a lot more to show. With her 4th album “New Beginning”, Tracy Chapman won her 4th Grammy award and just after two years winning her 5th one.

Joni Mitchell

This Canadian artist became very well-known for her close relationship with folk music. It did not matter for her if she was writing in details about her dreams where she walked alone in France or trying to resolve a mystery, she always found her way to address human emotions with fluency and carefulness. With 9 Grammy awards in her collection, she did not hold her talents back. Her first album, which was released in 1968, “Song to a Seagull” already received recognition from audiences around America. In her lifetime, she managed to deliver 19 albums! While writing songs as a folk artist, Joni Mitchell implemented some elements of jazz into her works, demonstrating the fact of how folk is the far-reaching genre of music.